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Holiday Dress

“Charlotte” is one of those classic and beautiful dresses that just takes your breath away. I created this dress for those of you wanting a special occasion dress that is perfect for younger girls as well as the more “grown up” ones who are not wanting lots of ruffles and fluff but still wanting to be feminine. This dress features a full crinoline under the skirts that is part of the dress to give it that fullness that girl love. This dress also features two skirts, a simple bow in the front and buttons down the back bodice. This holiday version also features little holly leaves and holly berries (beads) that are all sewn on by hand. This extra step does take a bit of time but the end result is truly beautiful and makes this dress even more of an heirloom.

Sizes 3-12

This adorable dress pattern is designed with every sewer in mind. If you are new to sewing or a seasoned pro you will find this design fun and easy to put together. My patterns are filled with detailed instructions and lots of illustrations to help you along the way.

*Please Note*

I have created this special Holiday Edition of this dress pattern with all of the instructions for the additional embellishments. However, otherwise the dress is the same as the original “Charlotte”

Thank You . . .

Downloadable E-Pattern

Completed sizes of Charlotte’s Holiday Dress

All sizes are based upon an average child. However it is very easy to customize this design simply by adding or subtracting an inch or so from the skirt to achieve your desired length.

Fabric Requirements

In this example Fabric 1 will include the bodice and the skirts.

In this example Fabric 2 will be for the skirt bands, bodice band and bow.

A complete list of all supplies needed to make this dress is included inside the pattern.

Here’s a helpful hint . . .

To see more examples of this design
visit my blog and search for 

To create this special Holiday edition of


you are going to need some special materials.

For the embellishments I used a holly leaf trim

which I purchased from

“May Arts”

and can be purchased on Amazon and many other retailers. You can just do a Google search to find it. Or contact the company directly if you desire.

I also uses 6mm red beads to create the holly berries on the dress. Those can be easily found at your favorite sewing store, craft shop or on-line if you prefer. If you have any specific questions or need help locating these items please email me and I will try to help you in any way that I can.

Size -                              3          4          5          6          7          8          10           12

Chest -                           23”      24”      25”      26”      27”       28”       29”         30”

Shoulder to Hem -        22”       24”      26”      28”      29”       30”       31”         32”


Size                       Fabric 1

              3                       2 1/2 yards

              4                       2 1/2 yards

              5                       2 1/2 yards

              6                       2 1/2 yards

              7                          3 yards

              8                          3 yards

             10                         3 yards

             12                         3 yards

Size                       Fabric 1

              3                           1 yard

              4                           1 yard

              5                           1 yard

              6                           1 yard

              7                           1 yard

              8                           1 yard

             10                          1 yard

             12                          1 yard


5 small buttons

matching threads