Every little girl loves to feel pretty, even at bedtime! Hannah is a gorgeous nightgown that is not only pretty but comfy too. With little buttons on the back bodice and a feminine ruffle on the bottom. Just imagine how special your little girl will feel when you read her a favorite bedtime story and tuck her in wearing this.

Sizes 3-8

This pretty nightgown pattern is designed with every sewer in mind. If you are new to sewing or a seasoned pro you will have fun putting this pattern together. My patterns are filled with detailed instructions and lots of illustrations to help you along the way.

Completed sizes of Hannah’s Nightgown

All sizes are based upon an average child. However, it is very easy to customize this design simply by adding or subtracting an inch or so to achieve your desired length.

Fabric Requirements


Hannah’s Nightgown

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Downloadable E-Pattern

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          Size                 3               4               5               6               7               8
           Chest               23”           24”            25”            26”            27”            28”
 Shoulder to Hem       25”           27”            29”            31”            33”            35”
          Size                     Fabric             

              3                       2 yards
              4                       2 yards
              5                       2 yards
              6                    2 1/2 yards
              7                    2 1/2 yards
              8                    2 1/2 yards
3-4 small coordinating buttons
matching threads

A complete list of all supplies needed to make this dress is included inside the pattern.

Here’s a helpful hint:

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