For me inspiration comes from many places. Paging through classic children’s literature and seeing all the gorgeous illustrations, watching an old musical and carefully studying the costuming or visiting and antique shop and discovering treasures that stir my imagination. Whether that comes from an old chenille bed covering, fun costume jewelry or even through finding vintage paper dolls.

Living here in Virginia, I am so fortunate to have an absolute treasure trove of antique shops and quaint little boutiques just brimming with things that inspire. I absolutely love traveling the backroads and countryside of Virginia in hopes that I may happen upon a unassuming gem of a shop and perhaps even come home with a new, or rather old, treasure or two. Whether that be some vintage lace or buttons, an old and well loved Children’s classic or even just an idea that was inspired by something that I saw. You just never know...

My mother and grandmother are also a huge influence in my designing. I am very close to both of them and even though we are spread across the east coast of the US we never let that get in the way. I talk with them both daily and share ideas and stories. Even at the age of 95 my grandmother still recalls her days as a young girl and how her love for sewing was a huge part of her life. She even traveled with her 4H group to the Worlds Fair in Chicago in 1933 to show her designs, and yes she even brought home several ribbons. My mom and I constantly bounce ideas around and I love that the women in our family have carried on this tradition of creativity and now I also share that with my daughter.

Then of course...there is my daughter. My biggest inspiration of all. I cannot tell you how much fun the two of us have together and how I love our special times together. She is the true spirit behind all of my designs. Her innocence, curiosity, imagination and love of all things pink and girly constantly fuel new ideas. It is so much fun to make her dreams come true and foster her imagination with my clothing creations. Whether it be a princess, a fairy or even a mermaid.. or having a magical tea party with her beloved stuffed mouse in our be able to bring those little girl dreams to life has been a dream come true for me and having her at my side the entire time teaching her how to sew and create beautiful things. It really doesn’t get much better.

My boys....these three really keep me hopping and on my toes. So full of wonder and curiosity..always coming up with wonderful new ideas and experimenting just like their dad. I love them all so much and am constantly amazed by them. They inspire me in ways I never knew possible!

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family! 4 amazing children and my husband and best friend. They are all so supportive of my passion for creativity and are always encouraging me to go after  my dreams...even though that means that sometimes I loose track of time and dinner might be late or I forgot to wash a favorite shirt. Yes, just like you. it is a constant struggle for me to balance my work, family and friends but the juggling act is so much easier when you love what you are doing and you work with such beautiful things.

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